Sanger DNA Sequencing

Not satisfied with your current sequencing service provider? In alpha biolab, each suboptimal reaction is repeated with tailored reaction condition specific to each template's intrinsic property. You cannot get such level of service elsewhere with comparable pricing. When it comes to DNA sequencing, there is no one-size-fits-all reaction condition. Different templates require different reaction parameters. We are highly experienced in difficult template (e.g., AT-rich, GC-rich, stem-loop, siRNA) sequencing. Your satisfication is guaranteed.

Gallery of Examples:


example3_80% copy

example5_78% copy


More GC case studies:

This clone is 77.71% GC over the length of readable 860 bp sequenced with Alpha SEQlixir GC Buffer and 0.6 ul of ABI BigDye v3.1.
GC_case1-2 copy

This BAC clone is 77% CG over the first 400bp, sequenced with Alpha SEQlixir GC Buffer and ABI BigDye v3.1.

CT repeats
CT repeats

GA repeats
GA repeat

AT repeat-1
AT repeat-2

Homopolymeric repeats
GTTT track

Poly-T track

polyT tail

An 80% AT-rich clone

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